Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Short Jokes

A drunk man asked a lady at the subway station, "Are you Caucasian?"

The lady politely replied, "No, I'm Asian."

The drunk said, "No, you're Caucasian!"

Again, she replied, "No, I'm Asian."

The drunk insisted, "No! You're Caucasian!"

She gave up and said, "Ok, I'm Caucasian!"

The drunk said, "But you look like an Asian!"

A man's daughter was dating. He invited her boyfriend home and asked, "Do you drink?"

Her boyfriend replied, "Firstly, I need to know whether you are questioning me or inviting me."

A man contacted house-keeping at a hotel for a towel, and they replied,
"You will have to wait sir, some other guest is using it..."