Saturday, July 29, 2017


"Mommy, our dog is awesome, he can be a comedian!"
"What? Whatever."

"Ling Ling, what took you so long!?"
"Mom, the toilet in the mall is terrible, so I had to..."

"Mommy, John has been acting weird lately, he..."
"Jane, please! Cut your little brother some slack."

"Mommy, you fuck and asshole, what's the..."
"How dare you! Where did you learn that!?"

"Mommy, did daddy and you wash a car before?"
"Nope, it's the first time, why?"

"Mommy, our dog is running away from home, very slowly..."
"Listen to yourself, are you high or something?"

"Mommy, there's a cockroach in the car..."
"What? Ok, I gotta go now."

"Mom, the woman sitting next table can really suck cork."
"Shut up! You're so grounded! I'm gonna tell your dad!"