Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Real Life Jokes

"Oh, daddy," said the daughter, "I'm gonna get married tomorrow, it's gonna be so hard leaving mommy."

The father patted his daughter's hand and said, "Take her with you!"

A farm boy was milking a cow when all of a sudden a bull came charging towards him.

The workers nearby were all horrified, but the boy calmly continued his milking.

To everyone's astonishment, the bull stopped a few inches from the boy, turned around and walked away.

"Wow! That was brave! Weren't you afraid?" asked one of the workers.

"Nope!" replied the boy. "I knew this cow was his mother-in-law."

A little girl walked into her mother's bedroom and asked her mother to tell her a bedtime story.

The mother wasn't happy with the request, she said, "Please honey, it's almost two in the morning."

"Mommy, I know that, but I'd love to hear a story."

The mother said, "Lie down in bed with me. We'll wait for your dad and he'll tell us both one!"