Sunday, September 24, 2017


A wise man once said:
Getting a blowjob from a 75-year-old is a lot like bungee jumping, it feels great just don't look down.

A relationship guru once said:
If she's giving you a blowjob while in the shower, have courtesy and shampoo and condition her hair while she does it.

A rainy day. In a pub.

A man talks to a woman, "Give me a blowjob."

The woman replies, "Could you be a little more romantic?"

"Okay, give me a blowjob in the rain."

A man is driving when he sees a friend sitting on the roadside crying.

He stops and asks, ""Hey Roy! What's going on?"

His friend points his finger at a crashed car.

"Come on, just buy another car!"

"Look inside the car!"

There is an unconscious woman in the car.

"Well, relax, maybe..."

"Look inside her mouth!!"