Monday, July 10, 2017

Life Hacks

I'm Hulk, what am I supposed to do with
those super large pants while I'm still Bruce?
Share the pants with your loved one.

I'm the owner of a big company and I'd love to
make the workplace more fun and challenging.

I'm an ordinary man but every time I see 
boobs I feel like I want to touch them.
Regress into the form of orangutan 
so that it wouldn't be too offensive. 

I'm a woman and I'd love to 
make my car more ladylike.

I'm an amateur photographer but
I want to look like a professional.

I love fishing, I'm a fishing enthusiast!
I'd love to fish every day, every minute!
Turn your bedroom into a fishing pond.

I'm a peeping Tom, I know 
it's bad but I can't help it.
Ask Medusa to turn you into one of 
these statues, then you can peep all day.