Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Husband


A man and his wife went to have dinner at a nice restaurant. As soon as the waiter served the food, he said, "Yummy, let's eat!"

His wife interrupted, "Wait a second... should we not say our prayers first? Just like we do at home?"

He replied, "No need. Here the chef knows what he is doing!"


A man was so frustrated with his wife that he turned to God and said,
"I got my babyhood from you, then it was taken away from me. I got my youth from you and then it was taken away from me. I got my wife from you. A lot of time has passed since then...just sending you a gentle reminder!"


A man said to his friend, "It's really bad! My secretary Becky resigned yesterday."

His friend asked, "What happened?"

He replied, "She caught me with my wife at the shopping mall."


A man was with his wife at the shopping mall when a young woman smiled at him and said, "Hi, Mike."

He returned the greeting and his wife glared at him and asked, "Who is that?"

"Oh cut me some slack!" he retorted, "I also need to explain to her about you."