Friday, August 5, 2016


"So you want a divorce?" asked a judge.

A man replied, "Yes, Your Honor."

"On what grounds?"

"I've just learned that her father never had a license to carry a gun."

A couple wanted a divorce.

The judge asked the husband, "On what grounds?"

The husband replied, "We hadn't been able to agree on one single thing during the past six weeks..."

The wife interrupted, "Seven weeks."

"Why do you want a divorce?" asked the judge.

"Your Honor," replied the man, "few days ago I happened to win two flight tickets to France, I was really, really excited!" 

"Hmm... so...?" asked the judge.

He replied, "So I quickly called my wife, asked if she wanted to come with me."

The judge asked, "She refused, didn't she?"

"No," the man answered, "she was very excited too, she kept yelling, 'I wanna go! Great! I wanna go!'..."

The judge asked, "Well, it's perfectly normal, you just can't divorce her because she was yelling, she was just excited."

The man replied, "When I was about to hang up the phone, she said, 'That's wonderful! I'm so happy! May I know your name?'."