Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A special dog

A man wanted to buy a watch dog, but the pet store owner showed him a little poodle.

He was stunned, "What!? This small thing!?"

The store owner replied, "This dog is very special, he knows Kung Fu."

So the store owner put the dog down and gave a command, "Kung Fu the sign."

Immediately the dog ran up to a sign and ripped the sign to shreds.

"Kung Fu the chair."

The dog ran up and ripped the chair to shreds.

The man was convinced. So he bought the dog.

He showed the little poodle to his wife as soon as he reached home.

"What!?" she exclaimed, "This little thing, a watch dog? No way!"

"But this dog knows Kung Fu." he retorted.

"Kung Fu!?" she yelled, "Kung Fu my ass!"