Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Difference


A boy asks, "Dad, what's the difference between Love, Belief and Relief?"

His father replies, "Err... your mom is my Love, our maid is my Relief and I'm your dad - well, that's my Belief!"


"Daddy," asks a boy, "what's the difference between Confidence and Confidential?"

His daddy replies, "I am confident that you are my son. Your friend is also my son, that's confidential."


Once upon a time there was a female brain cell that by mistake happened to end up in a man's head.

She looked around nervously but it was all empty and quiet.

"Hello?" she cried, but no answer.

"Is there anyone here?" she cried a little louder, but still no answer.

Now the female brain cell started to feel alone and scared.

Again she yelled, "Hello, can anyone hear me!?"

Then she heard a voice from far, far away,

"Hello! We're down here..."