Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Cafe


"Can I get you something to drink?" asked a waitress.

"Yes, I'd like a cup of coffee with sugar, but no cream."

So the waitress walked off to fill the order. A few minutes later, she returned and said, "I'm sorry, we're out of cream, how about with no milk?"


"Sir, would you like coffee or tea?" asked the waitress.

"Coffee, please." replied the customer.

"Black coffee?" she asked.

"Oh, what other colors do you have?"


"Tea or coffee, gentlemen?" asks a waiter.

"I'll have coffee." says the first customer.

"Me too, and be sure the cup is clean!" says the second customer.

So the waiter goes back to the kitchen and tell the cook, "Two coffee, with one in a clean cup."